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About to Blow Up?

Some years ago a garbage truck in Virginia exploded. The crew had unknowingly picked up some calcium hypoclorite, a powder form of chlorine which dissolves harmlessly when put in a swimming pool, but under pressure explodes. When the crew compacted the trash, the truck blew up. Two firemen ended up in the hospital, and poisonous gases forced office buildings to be evacuated. 

Sometimes we can be just like that garbage truck. We pick up a lot of nasty "chemicals" out there in the week: stress, trials, temptations. If we try to process it all on our own, we can have a blow up! God designed congregational worship as a release valve—a place where He would meet us and lift the burden and fill us with His good Spirit.

Church Attendance Good for the Wallet

Economist Jonathon Gruber has found a statistical correlation between church attendance and a "Better Economic Outcome." His findings were published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. He found that... [Read More]

Reference: H.B. London, Jr., "'Better Economic Outcome' for Church-Goers," The Pastor's Weekly Briefing (11-25-05)

14,000 Parts

As you drive your car on a daily basis, you may be aware of only a few of its many parts. You turn the steering wheel, look into the rear-view mirror, adjust your radio station, press the gas and brake pedals, and mov... [Read More]

Reference: The Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 1, 2002, "Automobile," pp. 727-728

How Unchurched Americans View the Church

A recent survey of unchurched Americans found that most of them don't believe church is necessary. The survey was conducted by Lifeway Research and the North American Mission Board's Center for Missional Resea... [Read More]

Reference: Mark Kelly, "Unchurched Americans turned off by church, open to Christians, Lifeway study says," Facts & Trends (March/April 2008), pp. 6-10

Riding by a Church

In 1972, at the end of his third tour of duty in Viet Nam, First Class Petty Officer Joe Dobbels—a combat photographer—was riding around on his motorcycle in San Diego. His life was in a crisis: he was losing his wife... [Read More]

Isolation Hinders Growth

When the Spaniards discovered the Canary Islands in the 1400s, they found people of a Caucasian Race (the blond-haired Guanches) still living at a Stone Age level. When the British discovered the Australian Aborigines... [Read More]

Reference: Thomas Sowell, Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One (Basic Books, 2004), p. 196; The World Book Encyclopedia, 2003, “Canary Islands,” pp. 165-166

Every Member Important

Have you ever wondered how ants can wander far from their ant piles and yet somehow find their way back home? Apparently they do it by counting their steps. Alex Bellos, in his fascinating book about numbers, Here’... [Read More]

Reference: Alex Bellos, Here’s Looking at Euclid (Free Press, 2010), p. 11