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Human Life vs. Human Accomplishment

In May of 2006 British mountaineer David Sharp, 34, died while descending Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak. He apparently died of oxygen deficiency. The shocking news was that more than 40 climbers seem to have seen him as he lay dying, but almost all continued their climb to the summit without offering assistance.  

Sharp was about 1,000 feet from the peak, in what is known as the low-oxygen "death zone." On the day of his death, several parties saw him in varying degrees of health and working on his oxygen equipment.  Sir Edmond Hillary, who was one of the first two men to reach the peak in 1953, commented to the New Zealand Press Association: "Human life is far more important than just getting to the top of a mountain."

Reference: Steve McMorran, Associated Press, "Everest pioneer blasts climbers who left dying man," The Arizona Republic (5-25-06)


In Christian Family Counselor Dr. Kevin Leman's book Adolescence Isn't Terminal, he tells about the time he spoke to a group of military wives on the topic "Priorities in Families." When he wa... [Read More]

Reference: Adolescence Isn't Terminal, Dr. Kevin Leman, pp 135-136

Not Enough Time—Literally!

USA Today consulted the advice of experts from various fields to chart how much time was needed for the daily necessities of life—if you did everything the experts said you were supposed to, for as long as the... [Read More]

Reference: "Just how much can you fit into a day?" USA Today, (4/13/89), Life, 4.D

A Sandwich Emergency

A Florida man called 911 to complain that a Subway sandwich shop had left the sauce off of his spicy Italian sub sandwich.  He actually called twice. The first time was to summon police officers to make sure his sandw... [Read More]

Reference: Associated Press, "Fla. man dials 911, complains his sandwich had no sauce," (8-4-08)

Time Spent on Media

Do you ever have trouble sifting through your priorities? A lot of Americans apparently do.  In December of 2006, the U.S. Census Bureau published a report that projected how many hours Americans would spend on the me... [Read More]

Reference: Arizona Republic, 12/15/06, A32, "In 2007, Americans will spend 5 months on media"

Trash, Trinkets, and Treasures

A sign over a souvenir shop advertised "Trash, Trinkets, and Treasures." 

That sign serves as a parable for life. Some people go through life collecting "Trash," just living to fulfill their sinf... [Read More]

Nations the U.S. Should Defend Militarily

A national Rasmussen Reports survey in 2010 found that there were only five countries that most Americans (more than 50% of those polled) agreed we should defend militarily:

  1. Canada (80% said the U.S. shoul... [Read More]

    Reference: "Most Americans Name Just Five Countries That U.S. Should Defend Militarily," (9/8/10)

Send Picture

A classified ad in the Quay County Sun read: “Farmer with 160 irrigated acres wants marriage-minded woman with tractor. When replying, please show picture of tractor.”

This farmer might have a few other... [Read More]