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Blessing in Disguise in the Iraq War

After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Marine Major Wayne Sinclair emailed this account to his former pastor:

"I wanted to pass along a quick story from the fighting here that I thought was a good example of blessings in disguise and God''s work on the battlefields of Iraq.

"During the end of the first week of the war, heavy rains fell on southern and central Iraq. This of course degraded our flying sorties and targeting and caused a real mess on the ground—many areas became untrafficable to all but tracked vehicles, and or course Marines and soldiers have to live in wet—very heavy—chemical suits lined with charcoal that retains water and causes your skin to turn black. Miserable after a few hours, never mind days on end.

"The rain was hard and long—more so than usual. The results were not expected. It rained so hard that thousands of landmines laid all over—along roads, in fields, at intersections, and approaches to water crossings—had the sand washed away from their pressure plates or prongs, and were exposed enough that they could be easily seen and avoided or dealt with by the engineers with no casualties and minimal delays. What was initially thought to be a nuisance that hampered operations was a God-sent blessing for thousands of Marines. How many casualties were avoided this way is known but to God."

- Wayne Sinclair, in Kuwait, April 28, 2003

Reference: Pastor Bill Ray, Desert Joy Christian Fellowship

A Cup of Coffee

My wife and I went to an Arizona Cardinals football game in the fall of '06. I walked in really wanting a cup of coffee. You would figure that somewhere in that new multimillion dollar stadium they would sell a cu... [Read More]

Reference: Pastor Bill Ray, Desert Joy Christian Fellowship

Bigger Hands

A boy went to the store with his mother. The owner held up a candy jar, and invited him to take a handful. Uncharacteristically, the boy stood still, and waited. So the owner reached in and pulled out a handful for hi... [Read More]

Japan’s Tiniest Miracle

After the Japanese earthquake, Time magazine’s website ran an article entitled, "Miracles in Japan."

When the tsunami hit after the quake, a four-month-old baby was literally swept from her paren... [Read More]

Reference: William Lee Adams, "Miracle in Japan: Four-Month-Old Baby, 70-Year-Old Woman Found Alive," (3/15/11)

Getting Your Needs Met

The church where I served as pastor for 13 years was near Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. A number of airmen and women worshiped with us over the years. I noticed something about them. They never worried about where t... [Read More]

Reference: William Ray, Knowing God through Prayer—the Plan Jesus Gave (Ambassador International, 2008), p. 157